Programming Schedule


Attention: Beginning July 12th, we'll be adding a Thursday evening session starting at 6:00pm and deleting the Saturday morning 11:00am session.  Hopefully, participants and their parents will find this new schedule, with the new option, more convenient.

2018 The First Tee Link Programing Sessions  
These 7-week Spring, Summer, and Fall sessions are following the regular Programming for the Player and Par levels.  This includes focus on the 9 core values and improving the golf skills and learning about the game of golf.  After each 7 week session there will be a certification evaluation to determine if a participant has reach the next level.  It is expected that participant may need to go through several 7-week sessions to be able to reach the next level.  We will maintain all of the performance records for each participant and report on the progress that is being made.  It is desirable that each participant can attend all of the sessions, but this is not often possible.  We want to make sure we are flexible in our scheduling and hence you can select on our website the dates you are able to attend and also the time that you can attend.  We will only charge you for the dates you attend.  We will maintain a record of the sessions you attended to insure that you are introduced to the entire curriculum.  The cost subsidized by Kiwanis will be $ 10 per session for each participant ($5 for second participant).  If a participant has to miss a session due to illness or other reasonable events, we will credit this toward a future session.